The Goodwich

STACKED-RITE. locally inspired. it’s as simple as that! we work hard on a daily basis to bring you the fresh, wholesome food using the best ingredients, often found locally. we believe in quality for value, so we create our sandwiches and everything else with creativity and attention to detail. our goal is that with every bite, you experience and understand the care put into your meal.

STACKED-RITE is our sandwich philosophy! Great customer service is our restaurant philosophy! Work hard, but have fun doing it is our life philosophy!

The original Goodwich was created in an 8’ x 12’ kiosk in the parking lot of Dino’s, one of Las Vegas’ oldest dive bars. It was founded by two friends in 2014 that shared an undeniable passion for the restaurant industry. With the realization and combined years of experience, much of it in fine dining, they created a sandwich concept based on the foundation of great restaurant food; flavor, texture and balance. All of this between two slices of bread wasn’t good enough for them. It had to be Stacked-rite so every bite of their sandwiches had the same tasty qualities. It was and still is their dream to show each and every guest their passion for great food that brought them together to create the Goodwich.

Ranked #8 – Yelp Top 100 US Restaurants 2022


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